My Current Work in Progress

I have always loved horses and the idea of living on a ranch. Because of that love, it seemed natural to make the setting of my first novel, Saving the Land, a ranch in East Texas.

The Story: Saving the Land is the story of Jay Johnson, a twenty-eight year old horse trainer and college professor, who must give up her career and move home in an effort to save her family's ranch - the only place she feels whole.

However, returning is much harder than she expected. Not only does her estranged father not want her help, but a vicious, faceless predator begins sending her threatening letters and putting her animals and family in danger.

If Jay has any hope of saving the land she loves, she will have to embrace the special gifts she's been hiding to find the Johnson Legacy, and trust people she barely knows to help her - even though one of them may be the person trying to destroy her family and steal their land for himself.


Current Saving the Land Status:

  • World Building: Finished

  • First Draft: Finished

  • Revision after First Draft: Finished

  • Release to Beta Readers: Finished

  • Revision after Beta Reader Review: In progress

  • Release to Editor:

  • Revision after Editor Review:

  • Pitch to Agent:

  • Revision after Signing Agent:

  • Search for Publisher:

  • Revision after Signing with Publish


For more information on what happens in each of the writing stages click here: Writing Stages.

Saving the Land Writing Stages