Revision is the process of rereading a work and making changes in content, sentence structure, organization, word choice, etc. An author will go through the revision process several times during the creation of a book.



Each time a story is reviewed or goes through major changes a revision is done. Some of the more common revision phases are:

   -  after the first draft is completed

   -  after the beta readers have commented

   -  after an agent or editor edits the story

   -  after a publisher edits the story to make it more salable

Saving the Land is currently being revised to correct the problems discovered by the Beta Readers.


One of the nicest aspects of writing is the wonderful new friends I meet as I wander doing research for my story. This is Lauren Samuelsen and Gunsmoke. I met them at the George Ranch Historical Park where they do roping exhibitions and show visitors how cowboys and cowgirls worked cattle long ago.