Peace on Earth

December came this year, and I wasn’t ready. I viewed the hustle and bustle as an imposition. What I saw was avarice, rather than joy, as everyone talked about what they would get for Christmas, rather than what they would give. I was resenting the whole situation, when suddenly I woke up one morning to a magical snowy wonderland.

The weather man hadn’t predicted snow, so it was a total surprise to me in my semi-tropical environment. Those of you in the north may think I’m silly, but it rarely snows where I live – maybe once every ten to fifteen years. So, even a light dusting of snow like the one in my pictures is something of wonder and joy.


Standing in the woods after it snows is an experience unlike any other I’ve ever had. There is a peace and silence to the very air as if all the creatures in the woods are still, staring in awe at how their world has been transformed. As I stood there, taking in the beauty with them, my attitude about the holidays began to change.

I started thinking about the way we humans seem to be kinder in December. We become friendlier, more likely to be polite to strangers, and I began to wonder why. I discovered that there are religious holidays in the month of December for Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Pagans, African-Americans, and Zoroastrians. Many of these holidays focus on being kind to others, and overcoming our differences.


In addition to our holidays, December usually means time with family, and time off from work. Things that restore us and help us deal with the stresses of life more easily. Is it any wonder that the month of December, although hectic and commercialized by many, seems happier and people seem nicer to others?

So, this December, as you prepare for whatever holiday you celebrate, I would like to wish you well. Thank you all for following my blog this year, and sharing all the interesting tidbits I’ve learned. May 2018 bring you joy, many blessings, and a safe, healthy year.


Happy Holidays

Peace on Earth, and Good Will to All



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