Do you ever find yourself racing through your day, trying to get as much done as possible? I do. Society trains us to be this way. But what are we missing in our headlong rush to get ahead?

I believe this world is full of fascinating things. Things which we may not fully understand. Things of wonder and beauty, that can enrich our lives, if we’ll only slow down long enough to notice and appreciate them.

That is what my novel, Saving the Land, is about. A female rancher, Jay Johnson, is forced to move back home to the family’s East Texas ranch to try and save it. Because of her unusual gifts, she can see the fascinating things in the world around her that others can’t, but she hides that fact to avoid rejection and ridicule.

Like Jay, I see fascinating things in the world around us. It’s not uncommon for others to call me weird when I share my observations. But I’m not psychic. They could see them too if they just slowed down long enough to pay attention.

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I have always loved horses and dogs. When I was young, my father was a pastor. We moved a lot, and most of the parsonages where we lived were small - no room for a horse, or even a dog. But I was lucky. My uncle owned a ranch, and some of my favorite memories are of times I spent on that ranch.

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I went from preacher’s daughter, to college student, to full-time worker. I still couldn’t manage a horse, but I got my dog. A beautiful Doberman female, named Jolie. She was the first of seven Dobermen I’ve been blessed with over the years. My current dog and writing buddy is Toby. He was my inspiration for the Doberman in Saving the Land.


Twenty years ago, I quit my job and became a full-time caregiver when my husband had a stroke and lost his sight and his short-term memory. We managed fine, then a few years ago, he began to show the first signs of dementia. I knew I had to stay closer to home, but I also needed a way to keep my brain active. That’s when I started writing fiction, and it has been one of the most enjoyable and rewarding activities of my life.

The setting for Saving the Land is a ranch in East Texas - one of my favorite places. My family moved to the Republic of Texas in the early 1800s and settled in East Texas. I was raised there. Yes, we moved around, but all of those little towns where my father served as pastor were in East Texas.


I’ve never gotten my horse. But I manage to get my horse fix through my family and neighbors. My brother and sister-in-law own a ranch in East Texas, and my niece is a nationally ranked equestrian. I live in rural Texas and many of my neighbors have horses as well.

My novel and my blog have allowed me to share the fascinating things I see in the world with others. If you feel the need to slow down a little, and experience some of those wonders for yourself, then join me. Explore my website. Subscribe to my newsletter, and I’ll share my discoveries with you. This world is a fascinating place. Don’t let the speed and busyness society expects of us rob you of the wonder.